IIIF questions from MCN 2017

Below is the list of questions that were asked during my Lean Coffee session "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About IIIF* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)" at the MCN conference 2017.

They are organised from top to bottom in order of most-frequently-asked (most ticks) to least (no ticks), with similar questions as groups. Hit the full screen button for the best viewing experience.

You can also read a blog post that attempts to give answers to some of these, watch exclusive behind-the scenes footage of the making of this image, or return to labs.cogapp.com.

Background image of the Milky Way courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.

-Tristan Roddis, November 2017.

P.S. There are two illegible pink Post-Its that were written in pencil. The one on the third row says 'What does "implementing IIIF" actually mean?', while the one on the bottom row says 'why is the logo red and blue?'. Does anyone know the answer?