The Transcriptinator

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Welcome to the Transcriptinator

The Transcriptinator is a proof-of-concept crowdsourcing game designed to run on the British Library's Mechanical Curator Arcade Game. Your task is to look at the scanned line of text taken from a historical document, and to flag all the words that the OCR engine has not correctly identified.

To do this, use the joystick left and right to select a word, then click the first button to highlight it. To move to the next screen, click the second button, or move to the 'next' link and click the first button

(Web users: use the left and right cursor keys to move, left-Ctrl to select and left-Alt to move to the next screen. Or just click on things.)

Got it? Click to play the game!

This project was created by Tristan Roddis as part of the hackathon at the Over the Air conference in 2015. It takes its information from two sample records from the Qatar Digital Library, uses the IIIF Image API to render images, and uploads user responses to for storage

Many thanks to Jon White for invaluable help and advice, to Anders Fisher for help with styling, and to Blanca Tortajada for design and styling.